What's the diffrence 

between HDR and Flash?

With HDR photography (What is used by 90 percent of photographers in our area)  it uses the available light at the home to show the space in photos.   By layering multiple exposures of the same image we can achieve a picture that has a wider range of depth to it.


The camera uses ambient light from windows, or available  lamps and ceiling lighting.  Because of this we can not control when a light casts yellow or orange light onto a surface, or where dark shadows are in a room.

While we can make it good good, its not perfect.   Homes with large window views or dark rooms will not show its full potential.  Kitchen colors can be off, and light from windows and other light sources can change the true color of the cabinets.

house examples before-4.jpg

What will Studio lighting do for my listing?

With using studio lighting, we can capture the true color of the walls, see clearly out the windows, and capture a more crisp and striking magazine quality image.  This can be vital for large luxury listings where views sell the home.  Or homes that have vibrant colors, or white textures that would normally be washed out by warm yellow lighting.  


Quality or Quantity? You choose what fits you best.

Where HDR is a quick and affordable means of capturing a space for an average listing....not all homes are average, and not all agents want to be average as well.  Studio lighting is the Quality side of Real Estate photography.  By offering both these services HD Open House is able to give the best of both worlds, depending on what you need for any given home.

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Pricing, time, and photo amount

Along with the quality diffrence between the two packages, there is a price and value diffrence as well.   Each service is based upon the square feet of the home.   Pricing for the HDR starts at $135, pricing for the Studio lighting begins at $189.  Because HDR is quicker on site, you send to get more photos per shoot....with Studio lighting more focused on quality, there will be less shots, a longer onsite time, but will take care in focusing on the capturing the best shots of the home to make that first impression noteworthy for a buyer.

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Hover over the image below to see the diffrence!


Has yellow cast removed, shows actual wall color 


No longer washed out



Cabinets  Are true to color


Have no color cast from dining light